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How to hire the right Wix Web Designer (6 tested points to follow in 2021)

Which Wix Web Designer is right for you?

Now, let’s say you are looking for a web designer. Actually, let’s say you are looking for a pro Wix web designer.

What do you do?

Where do you look for him/her?

How do you understand if they are good?

I receive so many inquiries from business owners, professionals, and retailers that had a bad experience with a web designer (not just a Wix web designer).

There are heaps of gurus out there. All of them bragging they are the best.

Then, you go to their websites, and with pretty basic tools, you notice that they are not doing what they are saying, starting right there, on their websites!

Look at this one for instance. It should be one of the top gurus, but a few errors are questionable:

  • 2 super generic keywords?

  • 4 H1 Tags???

Bad Example of Wix Web Designer Website

It's not easy to have a website that is bulletproof in every single technical aspect, but some basic errors (such as the above) must be avoided at all cost!

It’s a shame. These freelancers/agencies are lowering the image that other professional counterparts have; built it after years of sweat and tears.

In fact, there are countless options when it comes to web design and not all of them are good. Particularly with Wix due to its lower skill barrier to entry compared to less user-friendly website development tools such as WordPress.

Big agencies with fancy websites and super-cool open space offices are tempting, but are they really the right Wix web designers for your needs?

Why big web design agencies are not right for everybody?

As you can probably imagine, big design agencies are often charging premium prices for their jobs. Large headcounts and cool office spaces have steep monthly costs.

Sure, they probably have a big portfolio, but is it worth spending top dollars for a local business? Or perhaps a niche of a niche?

Fancy Design Agency Office

I give you an example. I have recently spoken to a local bakery that wanted to hire a social media manager to set up and follow their Instagram page. They said they didn’t want to go with the agency that made their website.

Then, digging in, they told me who it was and how much they charged them for their very cool (I have to say) website.

My jaw dropped.

In hindsight, they told me they probably spent too much for what they wanted to achieve.

And they were absolutely right because they just needed to promote their business locally, setting up a good looking website and Google my business to rank for geolocalized keyword searches.

Did the big agency take proper care of the request? Optimizing the site with specific keywords (not just generic)? Looking into the details of the project as much as for a bigger client? I don’t know.

The point is that if you are a small-medium business, you probably don’t need a big agency to look after you. You can probably have a better ROI in choosing a different route.

Regardless of the size, let’s see how to understand if an agency or a web designer (Wix web designer in this case) is right for you.

How to choose the right Wix web designer

1. Stay away from agencies or designers with a bad looking website

Clear right? If their website is dated, not responsive and it doesn’t look clean with a clear message, they will probably do the same thing for your one as well.

Are they friends? Or friends of friends? Same, apologize, and look somewhere else.

2. Check their portfolio

A serious Wix web designer must have a reputable portfolio of jobs to showcase. Whether you find them on Fiverr, UpWork, or directly through their website, they must have a clear portfolio with photos and links to the respective websites.

Wix Designer Portfolio

On a side note, I know that for myself, there’s not always time to update the portfolio page with the latest projects.

Reach out to them and ask if they can share recent jobs or projects related to your niche.

3. Be mindful of who is not clear on their prices and packages

Very often in this industry, agencies and designers want to go on a call to understand what you need, which is fine obviously.

However, some of them will give you a quote based on the perception of how much you can spend. That doesn’t mean they are bad web designers, but I think it’s not fair, you can make your considerations on this.

I believe in transparency. And that starts from the website. As a Wix web designer and Wix Partner, I know that different projects have different prices.

The cost of a website can vary widely. How many pages do you need? How many plug-ins? What features do you need: eCommerce, appointment booking? Do you have all the content ready? Text, photos?

All these things take time.

This is why on our website you can find a price list right here. It’s clear. However, prices can vary from project to project, but at least you have an idea and there will not be any jaw-dropping situation!

4. Check for social presence

In today’s market, if you don’t have a social presence and show your face, your business is not going very far.

Once you are on the designer or agency website, check for the social media icons! If they don’t have a presence or have a profile but they are not posting regularly at least on 1-2 platforms, it’s a sign they are not up to date with the current time.

Do you want your website to be built by someone that does not follow the current trends?

The point here is to find someone reliable and real behind a website. The more information you find in the about, mission, and services pages, the better and easier it is for you to make a decision.

5. Reviews.

This is another key factor. Reviews.

Is this business sharing reviews on its website? If you found your Wix web designer on a freelancing platform, are there customers’ reviews? If yes, what do they say? Are they consistent?

Be the judge to understand if they are legit or not.

6. Use the discovery call to find out more and test the person talking to you

You’ve got all the previous points lined up. Every box is ticked!

What do you do now?

In your Wix web designer portfolio or contact page, you probably found a “contact us” button.

You filled the form and you received a confirmation email with your name on it (hopefully… if not, that’s another sign this agency or designer are not up to speed with the current time).

You will have a phone or Zoom call where you can explain what you want to achieve. Be as specific as possible.

What kind of website do you need?

What is your target audience?

Do you need support with SEO?

Do you want to manage your site or have someone managing it for you?

The answers from the person in front of you are very important. You can feel if there is:

  • enough experience to solve your problem

  • transparency

  • professionalism

  • honesty

  • empathy

  • a good enough vibe to work with him/her

Check this cool video on how to spot a liar:

Additionally, many designers and web agencies use technical jargon to show off.

Seriously though! 90% of the people don’t know what CPC, CTR, CTA, etc. mean. If you find someone using lots of jargon and not explaining each time what it means, you will probably have some communication problems down the line.


I’ve given you 6 points to understand how to pick the right Wix web designer.

In summary, it’s like meeting a potential new friend:

  • Do they present themselves well?

  • Do they tell you why they could be good friends?

  • Do they speak your language?

  • Is there a third person that can confirm they are what they say they are?

  • And more importantly, deep in your soul, do you feel they can be good friends for the long run and be there when you need help?

There you have it! If you say yes to all the above, you are in a good place.

Do you need to hire a professional Wix web designer?

We are here to help.

We built our website to be fast, clean, clear, and concise. You can find many answers to the frequently asked questions on the web design topic right here.

If the FAQ and the price pages are not enough to answer all your questions, we are as far away as a phone call or message from you, please don’t hesitate to reach out!

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